Utorogu & Ugheli-East Gas Plant Refurbishment & Maintenance (SPDC WEST W –01928)
Project Details
  • Revamping of the process vessel internals
  • Complete plant Instrumentation works & Revamping of the plant UPS system
  • Replacement of interconnecting process piping
  • Procurement of instrument materials & fittings
  • Installation of new LV panels, breakers/Commissioning
  • Commissioning of 2Nos Instrument air compressors
  • Rehabilitation & commissioning of glycol regeneration units
  • Rehabilitation & commissioning of Hot water bath units
  • Rehabilitation & commissioning of the plant control room panel instruments
  • Procurement, Installation & Commissioning of 2Nos, 675kva CAT generator sets
  • Commissioning of the Utorogu/Ughelli–East gas plant.